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education law and employment law

Education/Employment Law Attorney serving California teachers & public employees in Northern CA, greater Sacramento and Roseville areas.

Ernest H. Tuttle, IV has experience with the vast laws that pertain to California teacher’s rights as well as the laws concerning public employees’ employment. Mr. Tuttle will navigate you through all options regarding your rights as a teacher or public employee.


Mr. Tuttle offers high-quality legal representation focused on listening to your needs first. What you believe to be a successful outcome to your issue is important to him and will guide his strategy. Whether you want experienced representation during your initial or formal reviews of allegations against you or need a courtroom defense, he will put his experience to work for you.

The California Education Code primarily contains teachers’ rights at the school site. The extent of laws that regulate teachers is infinite. However, we have provided several helpful tools to guide you through some of the common areas of Education and Employment Law in the Resources page for your convenience.

Teachers are often referred to Mr. Tuttle through the local teachers’ union which offers a free half hour for any legal matter. Contact your local union or primary contact staff representative in your area for more information about this referral process or contact us directly for further assistance. We’re here to listen and help you fight for your legal rights.





“Mr. Tuttle was able to explain my legal rights and obtain a solution that I was pleased with and acceptable to my school district. Without Mr. Tuttle’s expertise, I would not have achieved the same result nor would I have known I had any legal rights.”

Jill T.



Education and Employment Law services include providing representation for:

    • Employee grievance, arbitration, mediation and litigation representation.
    • California Teacher Credentialing or licensing matters
    • Skelly hearings and violations of the Education Code relating to salary, denial of sick leave or permanent/probationary status issues
    • Certificated personnel layoffs
    • Faculty, staff and student relations
    • Negotiating resignation, retirement and severance agreements
    • Advice on legal issues related to retirement for members of STRS and PERS
    • Breach of contract and implied contract claims or negotiations
    • Criminal defense as it relates to employment
    • Federal and state law compliance including disability and discrimination law